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Caravan Site Office Series

site-office-1Work Caravans huge selection of Site Offices are designed & engineered to cope with the most challenging and remote of work site office environments. Our Site Office range will provide a comfortable working atmosphere with an emphasis on ease of maintenance and cleaning. Our Site Office range comes in a wide variety of floor plan layouts. From a single site office room arrangement, to site office and kitchen, site office and bathroom facilities through to a complete site office with living arrangements, our caravans provide ample space for whatever setup you require.

Work Caravans Australia’s construction provides a cost-effective solution for your portable Site Office needs. You can select from a wide range of sizes and designs to suit any budget.

Our portable Site Offices can be utilised in diverse situations:

  • Construction Site
  • Mining Sites
  • Remote Camps
  • Drill Exploration
  • School Reconstructions

Choose the floor plan that suits your requirements from our:


You’re sure to find the portable Site Office solution for your workforce.
Contact Work Caravans sales team to assist you today.

Download our Site Office Brochure which includes features and pricing;

Site Office Brochure

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